Spanish menuYou have been abroad to a Spanish speaking country, and perhaps you are quite fluent when it comes to ordering a meal in a restaurant, but that is the limit of your linguistic abilities.

Maybe you are going to live abroad, and need to start learning beginners Spanish immediately, or perhaps you simply have some time on your hands, and want to acquire a new skill.

So beginners Spanish looks like a good option for you, but where do you start?

Well, the most obvious places to start are in your local library, or your local bookstore. You will find the shelves positively abound with books, tapes, and more commonly nowadays, CDs on beginners Spanish.

Tapes and CDs have the advantage of allowing you to hear the the correct inflection and pronunciation of the language, and they provide exercises for you to practice, and polish you own pronunciation, and your general fluency.

For the short term, you will also find phrase books, which can be invaluable if you are travelling to a Spanish speaking country. If they are well written, they should furnish you with some solid colloquial phrases which can help you in all sort of situations, like asking for directions, booking transport, hotel rooms, hiring a car, and many other situations you might encounter.

If they are badly written, you can easily tell, they will be littered with phrases like “Good morning! I would like to book a return ticket to Madrid for my giraffe”

Even at the level of beginners Spanish the structure of the language is important, and you should invest in books which teach you the grammar of the language. Ultimately, you won’t get far if you don’t understand grammatical tenses, verb conjugations and so on.

A dictionary is vital. These can also vary enormously in quality. Don’t buy the cheapest one, try to choose a good one which won’t let you down.

television Spanish lessonsOften, you may find that your national TV stations provide beginners Spanish lessons in their educational sections, and, in these days of satellite TV, many of us have access to programs from around the globe. A good example would be some of the BBC TV programs in “The Learning Zone”

The Internet, of course, offers massive amounts of material. You will find everything ranging from free sites, to sites selling books, tapes, CDs, and online courses. Just Google your keyword, and you will be swamped with choices.

If you are more committed and want to approach beginners Spanish in a more structured way then check out your local adult education facilities. There is nothing to compare with having a real live person to teach you. Be warned these courses tend to fill up fast, so get in early!

Finally, you could consider having private tuition from a qualified teacher. Often you wil find that they are native Spanish speakers, so your learning experience is greatly enhanced.

To find a private teacher of beginners Spanish check out the classified ads in your local paper, ask in your local library, or check out yellow pages. You should find several.