Mastering Spanish Verbs

It is widely believed that Spanish verbs are hard to learn and understand. Perhaps you are intimidated by them. You can relax, Spanish verbs are easily mastered with just a little application. 

It is not commonly understood that English verbs are by no means dissimilar to Spanish verbs. Many people struggle with verb conjugations. Conjugating verbs involves using the first, second and third “person” singular, or plural for instance I, you, he, she, it, we, or they.. 

We conjugate verbs in English as well, we just don’t even realise we are doing it. For example, in English we would say “I am”, and “you are.”Conjugating Spanish verbs works in precisely the same way. 

In Spanish, there are a few more forms of these “persons” for you to learn, but it is not at all difficult. The good news is that in the main, these verbs use pretty standard endings. Master the endings and you are then able to apply them to the infinitives. 

The root form of any verb is its infinitive. In English we would recognise infinitives as verbs prefaced with the word “to”. For example “to be”, “to go”, “to see”, and so on.  In Spanish infinitives are expressed as a single word for instance “hablar” which means to speak. Learning Spanish infinitives provides you with a good foundation for leaning Spanish verbs. 

There are always exceptions to the rule, and, as in English, you will sometimes encounter irregular verbs. A example of a regular verb might be “I go”, you go”, “they go” etc. An example of an irregular verb is “I am”, “you are” and so forth. 

An example of an irregular verb in Spanish would be “ser” this would be rendered as “yo soy”, “tu eres”, “ella es”, “nosotros estamos”, and so forth, as you can see they are all different.

The other really important elements of verb conjugation are the tenses. These take the form of past, present, future and a few other refinements. 

Mastering verb conjugation in Spanish – the person, and the tenses – is one of the most important areas of mastering the language. Once you have accomplished this, and with a little acquired vocabulary, you will soon begin to find that you are able to carry on simple conversations. 

Of course there is a lot to take in when you are getting to grips with Spanish verbs, there is a lot to learn and understand, but you will find many similarities with English, and it is really not all that difficult.