Spanish Lessons Available at Beginner’s Spanish

Beginner’s Spanish contains some really great information about learning Spanish, however, since most of this information is on static pages, so that it is always easily accessible, it doesn’t show up on RSS feeds. This means that many people only see the blog posts, and not the really useful information that Beginner’s Spanish offers.

So, the purpose of this post is to let people who are only looking at the RSS feeds, get some idea of the sort of information that is made available on the site.

Currently the main content of the site is in these areas:

The homepage:
Beginner’s Spanish

A Section Called Spanish Lessons
This section contains lessons entitled:
Spanish Language
Spanish Greetings
Spanish Words
Spanish Phrases
Spanish Numbers

There is also a section entitled Spanish Classes
This section currently contains lessons entitiled:
Spanish Classes
Spanish Immersion Courses
Learn Spanish Fast
Spanish Translation

There is also one other section called Spain – Spanish Culture
At present it contains just one lesson entitled (topically):
Spanish Christmas

So, If you want to start learning Spanish, get stuck in!